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Employee Benefits

Definition of a Small Employer:
Oregon - Washington

Determining if an Employer is an Applicable Large Employer

What Happens When a Small Employer Grows Into an ALE  Leavitt Group

Employer Responsibility Under ACA  Penalties  (Flowchart)

ACA Affordability Safe Harbor Tests
Calculator - Estimator - Provisions - Regulations - Q&A

Employer's Guide to ACA Affordability Safe Harbors

Controlled and Affiliated Service Groups - -

The Difference Between NAICS and SIC Codes:

HIPAA, COVID-19 Vaccination, and the Workplace

Employer Health Care Arrangements For Individual Health Insurance

Health Reimbursement Arrangements

Side-by-Side:  Group Coverage - ICHRA - QSEHRA



ICHRA - A Comprehensive Guide  Take Command Health

Section 105 Plans For Dummies

Section 125 Premium Only Plan Generator  HR Service

Employment Laws Assistance For Small Businesses and Workers

Nondiscrimination Rules For Group Health Plans (Enforcement paused pending regulatory guidance)

SHOP Small Business Tax Credit

ACA Tax Provisions For Employers

Tax Treatment of Common Fringe Benefits

Certification of Creditable Drug Coverage
(To be completed by employers with Medicare Part D eligible employees, each year within 60 days of the start of the plan year)
Disclosure Guidance and Information
Model Notices
Instructions Slide Deck        

COBRA (Groups with 20+ Employees)  About COBRA
Employer Guide - Employer FAQs
Employee Guide - Employee FAQs

COBRA Model Notices:
Model General Notice
Model Election Notice
COBRA deadlines extension in effect during Public Health Emergency

CONTINUATION Coverage (Groups with <20 Employees):
Oregon - Washington


ERISA Wrap Documents

ERISA Document Generators  HR Service

Family and Medical Leave Act:
State Family and Medical Leave Laws
Paid Sick Leave vs FMLA vs Paid Family Medical Leave
Paid Leave Oregon vs OFLA vs FMLA vs Oregon Sick Leave

FMLA Employer Guide

OFLA  Oregon Family Leave Act - Federal vs Oregon
New imagePaid Leave Oregon

PFML  Washington Paid Family Leave Act
New imageWashington Paid Leave

OSHA State Plans  FAQs

New imageWA State LTC Trust Act | Cares Fund - Delayed Until July 1, 2023 - Employer Responsibilities - Rules

New imageWA State PAL (Partnership Access Lines)


HSA Qualified Plans

New imageCARES Act - TeleHealth and OTC

HSA Basics:   The Quintana Group

How Does a Health Savings Account (HSA) Work?

HSA   IRS Publication 969

Eligible Medical Expenses   IRS Pub 502

Benefits of an HSA

HSAs and Medicare  Conflicts

Should You Max Out Your HSA Contributions?


Getting the Most Out of Your HSA

HSA IRS Guidance and Q & A

HSA Employer Comparable Contributions   Cornell Law School

The Complete HSA Guidebook - Stephen D. Neeleman, M.D.

Health Savings Accounts

Comparison of HSA Providers  HSA Search

The Best HSA Providers of 2022  Morningstar   


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